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 or my house is your house Before I headed out to Brazil, I was given the option by the Brazilian Embassy in Islamabad to connect with people that might interest me on my trip. I jumped at the opportunity, and googled “brazil citizen journalism.” I found the name of a Brazilian professional journalist who was […]

I know I promised a daily post from our travels, but we just did not stop for a breath. Not that any of us were complaining! I can tell you that Brazilians really know how to take care of you. As many of you know, we arrived in São Paulo on the evening of the 15th. […]

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After a 15-hour flight from Dubai, arrival in Brazil could not have been any sooner. Even in exhaustion, the sunset was striking, one of the most spectacular I’ve seen, and this isn’t even meant to be the pretty part of the country. The immigration process took a while but only because of the length of […]