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Deny Everything


When I got in to work at 6 am yesterday morning, our overnight anchorperson complained that it was a slow news day. “Nothing’s going on. We’ve been running the same headlines all night; just changing the order around,” he yawned. I immediately responded by saying that he shouldn’t get used to it, as it was […]

[picapp src=”9/6/8/f/Military_On_Defense_5b24.jpg?adImageId=7264448&imageId=4130366″ width=”500″ height=”327″ /] Audacious: that is the word we’ve heard repeatedly used to describe the GHQ standoff. But the attack was also meticulously planned. It was reminiscent of 2008’s Manawan attack, when the police training academy located in the suburbs of Lahore was held hostage in broad daylight. But this was no training […]

[picapp src=”1/5/3/8/Internally_Displaced_Pakistanis_753e.jpg?adImageId=7265241&imageId=5370570″ width=”500″ height=”335″ /] For a couple of months, the world has seen pictures of Pakistani men, women and children with flushed faces stuffed in buses, braving oppressive heat and winding roads. Their mission was to return to the scenic Swat Valley, known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. Newspaper headlines have read: ‘The long […]