I won an award!


Pic by Sana Saleem

I’m honoured and humbled to report that I’ve won in the Best Celebrity Blogger category of the Pakistan Blog Awards. The Unconference organized by CIO Pakistan and Google Pakistan for the first time ever in Pakistan was a fantastic venture and a glitzy ceremony! Their aim was to ‘discuss, recognize and platformize one of the the fastest growing online mediums in Pakistan, the blogging community.’ And I for one think they pulled it off fabulously!

Thanks so much to Rabia Garib and her team, all the fellow bloggers who convinced and helped me to start a blog (Ammar Yasir of Teabreak, Jehan Ara of Pasha, Sana Saleem of Mystified Justice, who actually arrived at my home to set it up along with Poppy Agha), and DiscoMaulvi/Aly B who nominated me. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Faisal Kapadia and Awab Alvi for encouraging me by featuring me repeatedly on The Laidback Show.

A big thank you to everyone who voted for me! 😀

31 Responses to “I won an award!”

  1. 1 Omar

    Congratulations Naveen.

  2. Congratulations

  3. I demand a photo of the celebrity blogger, Please I am a big fan don’t disappoint me!

  4. Cyberhugs Ms. Naqvi…well done and well earned.

  5. 5 Arun Wakhlu

    Hey Naveen,

    Hearty Congratulations on your award. It was a joy to read about it!

    May your positive thoughts, words and actions bring Joy,Peace and Abundance to the people of this great sub-continenet and to the rest of the world. Inshallah.

    May Khuda (your own Creative Intelligence , who is One with you) keep guiding and protecting you always and in all ways.

    Sending you all my love and blessings


  6. Congrats! I won too 🙂

  7. 7 Yasir Khan

    congrats Ma’m Naveen Naqvi!

  8. 8 Adnan

    Congratulations Naveen on your brilliant achievement.

  9. 9 Aamer Iqbal

    Congratulations! I am new on the blogging scene (my blog is named Burnout Rescue), and pleasantly surprised to see so many wonderful blogs and posts by Pakistanis.

  10. Fans are happy 😀

  11. Congratulations

  12. Hi Naveen

    Azme Alishan would like to congratulate you on the win! You truly deserve it! Such initiatives like Pakistan’s first ever blog awards make us proud to be Pakistanis! We should have such events more often. All of us together can take this country to unimaginable heights of success!

    Azme Alishan Azme Pakistan!

    Please do visit our website as well http://www.azmealishan.com

  13. 13 Irfan Afghan


    Finally the pic of the award is uploaded. Good to see you with the award.

  14. 14 Jehan

    Sorry to have missed you yesterday Naveen. I got there after you left thanks to PIA who delayed my flight by about 5 hours. Delighted that you won an award. Well deserved. Like Sana, I demand a signed copy of a photograph of our celebrity blogger :-). Congratulations!

  15. 15 SHAFIQA

    bundls of congrate ,

    ALLAH bless u 🙂


  16. 16 Aly B

    Can you sign a photo of me with you?? Please please? Oh Wait …. I forgot to get the photo taken with you…. chalo next time…. hahaha



    PS: linking “DiscoMaulvi/AlyB” above to http://discomaulvi.wordpress.com/ would be nice…. 🙂

  17. 17 BILLU



  18. 18 muzzamil

    Bohat mubarak, Naveen, you deserved it.
    Maybe someday we can see you back on Dawn News !!!!
    your fan in waiting,

  19. the very well-deserved award. one of the few sane blogs.

  20. 20 F.K

    Rawk on fellow blogger 😛 atleast we know a celeb that actually gives a damn.

  21. 21 Rai M Azlan

    many congratulations on winning the award, and i am glad as almost every one who i voted for won the award 🙂
    so for that reason am i getting autograph from the best celebrity blogger of Pakistan??? 😛

  22. Congrats naveen. you deserved it all the way.

  23. 23 aMmAr

    Congratulations Naveen, as a celebrity and mainstream media journalist you have def. contributed a lot to bring Pakistani social media and blogosphere into lime light. I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors.

  24. 24 Awais

    Congratulations Miss

  25. 25 shobz

    Congrats on winning the award. I knew you were going to win it. It was even more fun cheering for you when you won the award. It was a pleasure meeting you and Poppy Agha at the awards. 🙂

  26. 26 Faisal Siddiqui

    Congratulation Naveen.
    The Miami guy, who tweeted at MAD….

  27. Congratz naveen
    You are different, you always have different things to share with us so CIO and GOOGLE was equal to it. enjoy your award

  28. 28 ILLAHI

    Great! Congratulations to you Naveen . .. .

  29. Congratulations…keep blogging

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