From DXB with Love


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She grabs my inner clothing (you know what I mean), yanks at it and releases me with a jerk. Her clear gloves move on before I know it, and they are unrelenting. Let me say, though, that the hands may shift, but the expression remains the same – that of complete ennui. At the end of the frisk, if you can call it that, she even yawns, it seems, to emphasize her point. And it’s an unabashed, mouth-wide-open yawn in my face before she pulls open the curtain to the little white box that sets the women apart from the men at DXB.

Your vanity may be bruised, but hey, at least your pride is not; it must be said that the time for random searches is over. It was reassuring to see that everyone flying to JFK in New York, including first and business class passengers, were patted down with equal determination. Even our fellow passengers of the North/West, whatever you want to call it raise their arms and spread their legs. The men are made to strip layers till they’re in shirts/Tshirts as the unceremonious jostling continues uninterrupted in full view of all.

In the increasingly fearful and paranoid world we inhabit, it appears that there is more egalitarianism in at least one respect; we should be scared of everyone and anyone.

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9 Responses to “From DXB with Love”

  1. 1 Wajahat Wasti

    Well this is the first episod… of what is waiting for you in terms of security checking at JFK.. Best of luck

  2. Ok thank God that didn’t happen when I was last there, and I hope it never does…
    When will all this mess caused by these bozos in the US actually END!

    • 3 Anoop

      “When will all this mess caused by these bozos in the US actually END!”

      News flash! This is not because of those bozos. This is because the bozos in Pakistan who want to bomb every free man and woman. Because of your countrymen we also have to go through this.

      This is the price we have to pay to ensure crazy religious lunatics dont go blow themselves up and taking the rest of us with them.

      If you dont want to go thru this dont travel in planes. America is not asking you to come there.

      Security procedures is clearly worth is considering these are put in place to ensure not a single man dies to these lunatic’s designs.

  3. Lesson learned: wear sexy underclothes 🙂

  4. 5 alam

    I went to SFO from DXB, and my expeirince was not bad on either places. They actually upgraded me to business class on DXB 🙂

  5. ahh the travails of traveling these days, have a safe trip, wait till you get to New haawk 🙂

  6. I think we should do the same with American citizens here. Its not the solution but thats important to teach them lesson

  7. Having the pleasure of traveling in a post-9/11 world under both a very common American last name and a very common Pakistani last name, in my experience egalitarian isn’t quite right. The worst is when traveling on the arm of said Pakistani last name provider. Then, standing next to my Pakistani husband in the so-called random line, the prods are much deeper.

  1. 1 From DXB with Love | Tea Break

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