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I remembered my cousin, Salma, as being vivacious and coquettish, always laughing. A petite woman, she dressed in bright colors, her hands perfectly manicured, her long fingernails painted red, and was known for her fabulous cooking. When I last saw her at a family dinner hosted by her mother, my maternal aunt, I was shocked. […]

This is the third week in a row that my blog talks about the Gojra massacre. After a mob of Muslims killed 7 people and burned over 50 houses on allegations of blasphemy in the Punjabi town, there have been a series of reports of religious persecution. In the case of Gojra, one of the […]

[picapp src=”b/7/d/5/Musharraf_Declares_State_f1d1.jpg?adImageId=7265843&imageId=2812557″ width=”500″ height=”352″ /] Pakistan’s independence day, August 14, is around the corner and it seems to me that Pakistanis are desperate for good news to give them something to celebrate. Many private television news networks have changed their logos to a shade of green. An animated spray can flits around one logo changing […]

After eight people were burnt alive, over 50 houses destroyed and a church desecrated in the village of Gojra, Pakistani Christians have expressed their rage and frustration. There have been nationwide protests, and Christian schools across Pakistan were closed for three days from the 3rd of August. “We are closing the schools to show our […]

The violence against Christians in Gojra speaks of the mindset of most Pakistanis, the legislation that enforces it, the complicity of the police and politicians certainly on the local government level and the unchecked extremism beyond the Taliban.